Marvin's Guide to

Vinyl Decal Installation

The following is a simple step-by-step install for vinyl decals shown using Marvin's custom cut decals that I had David at Decals To Go computer cut on his vinyl cutter. Make sure that you are installing in a mild temperature - too cold or too hot can produce undesirable results - I installed in the garage out of the direct son and heat.

Clean thoroughly with glass cleaner.
Line up the decal with the backing still on. You can tape the top corners to the window so you can step back and see if it looks even. In some cases you can use a tape measurer..on the NB it's hard to find any right angles to measure to though.
I am lining up the decal with the bottom "black surround" of the window glass. So I am applying a straight piece of masking tape as a guide for the bottom of the letters.
Pulling the sides taught I'm lining up the bottom of the letters with the top of the tape, careful not to apply decal to the tape itself.
Backing removed.
Going over the decal a few more times to make sure there are no bubbles. Make sure you make the same face I am to achieve the desired result.


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Removing the backing material at a diagonal to the decal, slowly - watching to make sure that the decal is not coming off with the backing.
Hold the top away from the window so nothing sticks until the squeegee gets there to apply the decal uniformly to the window. I'm working it from the bottom to the top.
Carefully removing the backing...don't touch the vinyl and be careful not to let it touch anything until you are ready to permanently apply to window.
Look I'm still doing it...watching the camera too...ooooo versatile!