Marvin's Sub Install

Monsoon Upgrade


Kicker - L7 - Subs

The Monsoon system is probably one of the best stock/option stereo systems I've heard, it just needed a little extra punch! After a decent amount of research I designed a box that wouldn't take up too much space in the trunk and found the right additional pieces to make the sub perform the way I needed it to.

Here are the drawings for the box I designed. This is my second design - my original idea didn't allow enough area for the subs magnet.
Remote-On - Blaupunkt - F00E500014
Box partially assembled and the sub being test fitted.

Sub - Kicker L7 10" Amplifier - JBL 600.1 Sub Volume controller - N-22V Line to RCA - PAC-SNI15

This is the configuration I decided to use:

Another view - showing the shelf and sub relationship.

View from below - you can see the angled mounting instead of being mounted flat.

Test fit in the hatch.
Another test fit shot with the top on.
Testing location of the amplifier. - would like to eventually find a better location that is more integrated, but for now this location works.
A close up view of the sub to show the clearance at the floor of the truck.


Blaupunkt - Remote On harness

PAC-SNI15 Line to RCA Converter

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A view from the rear.
Carpeted and fully installed - again would like to find a better location or "stealthier" way to mount amp without taking up much more space..without mounting to the back of the seat.
Final view from the rear.

Look at this mess of wires!

What you are looking at is a knob that I got to allow me to turn down the input of the signal to the amplifier - which means that it is a remote volume control for the amplifier - so to speak.

I have mounted it in the blank space where the traction control would be...not too much use for that in Texas!

The device is an N-22V and I got it from Navone Engineering - see links below.

Okay, this is a blurry shot of a PAC - SNI15 Line to RCA Converter - this gives me two RCA outputs that are clipped into the rear speaker line outs of the head units.

Not pictured is the Blaupunkt F00E500014 - on non-monsoon head units it is reported to give you the RCA outs - but with the Monsoon unit it only gives you a functional remote-on wire. I decided to go ahead and use it instead of sending it back - it was only $7.50 - works real good for the remote on.

All cleaned up and ready to crank!

JBL 600.1 - retailer - Best Toys

Navone Engineering - N-22V