Marvin's Speedo

Disassembly instructions

Of course...caution...blah, blah, this at your own risk...blah, blah, blah...this is just information on how I accomplished this mod...blah, blah, blah...I accept no responsibility if you destroy your car and it ends up bursting in flames...blah, blah, let's see the information you came to this page to to view!

Shot of the Speedo pulled out and ready to work on.
These little retention clips are tricky to get off. Don't go from the clear plastic front plate. Use a small straight screwdriver and get under the spring from the side - should pop off - watch where if goes (I lost one).
For the trims lift up on the silver trim - they will pop out on the side opposite the careful!

Once the trim is out far enough you can carefully slide the trim down the needle.

Notice the profile of the trim that goes over the needle. The other two remove the same way.
All needles removed!
We jump from Marvin's face to the stock face. Marvin up until this point was a paper printout placed infront of the stock face - not too good looking at we are removing so I can add a thin layer of frosted Plexiglas and an updated face on plastic.
Leap of faith time. If this is the first time you might want to hold your breath! With a pair of pliers you securely grab hold of the centermost portion of the needle and lift STRAIGHT up. The first time this will be on tight and might make you second guess your choice to do this mod.


Gauge discussion thread - 03/2002

To contact me: Antoine De Hon

Antoine's/Marvin's website
With the handle of a plastic knife (stole the idea from someone on the 'org) slowly ease it under the gauge at the odometer opening - careful not to scratch the LCD.
Ease the knife 360 degrees pushing deeper each rotation.
Here is what your speedo looks like 'undressed'
Here is a shot of the back of the stock face.
Here is a shot of the Plexiglass backed speedo - the exposure isn't really true to the look. The numbers do light up green so you can see them. I'm still working on it and going to try white styrene instead of the plex to see if it will transmit the light more evenly.

To reinstall, just go backwards....

Once again - use your own's your car, your warantee - I'm just letting you know how I did mine. Good luck to all those that attempt.