Marvin's Custom Gauge


Here is the rough page for the gauge faces - the TDI and ones I am working on.

This is a scan of a template I made by tracing over my existing 2002 TDI automatic gauge. It is saved at 200 dpi.- straight scan of my trace.
200 DPI scan of the TDI Automatic OEM face.
Marvin's temporary Custom Speedo - until I can figure out how to properly illuminate it.

I know Tim might be upset to see this here, but I'm proud of the design - so I'm gonna show it off. This is per TDITIM's requested design.

Installed into the housing.
A shot at night - colors are good, but not clear.
Here is how it really bleeds through - I have to figure out how to get the white eyes to glow and to be able to see the numbers at night better.
Installed into the Pod. Can't wait to paint the "helmet" green so it looks like Marvin is glaring at me!


Gauge discussion thread - 03/2001

Gauge discussion thread - 03/2002

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Here is the latest face with the stock face removed and sandblasted plexiglass inserted between the lights and the new face.