Marvin's Interior

Custom Cyber Green Color Concept #002

Of course...caution...blah, blah, this at your own risk...blah, blah, blah...this is just information on how I accomplished this mod...blah, blah, blah...I accept no responsibility if you destroy your car and it ends up bursting in flames...blah, blah, let's see the information you came to this page to to view!

Hmmm - How boring!

Tan interior that is starting to show wear from my black belt on the drivers seat and oils on the armrest.

Here is a close-up shot of the two bolts that mount the seats to the car. See link below for a detailed thread on seat removal.
I left the doors on and masked the entire door with 3m tape and paper.
All airbrushed.


Leatherique - Professional Leather Restoration Products

Home Made Cyber Green Concept Thread - 9/2002-2/2003

New Beetle Seat Removal Thread - 11/2002-2/2003

To contact me: Antoine De Hon

Antoine's/Marvin's website
All the masking removed.
A close-up shot finished!
Masking off the driver seats - I removed and painted inside.
Some custom muscle shirts for Marvin so the belt won't ruin the new dye job.
Finished and reinstalled - front/back seats and door inserts and arm rest.
Rear seats masked and painted.
Close-up of front seats complete.
Painting in progress.
The first coat was applied in Feburary and I just reshot the door inserts and arm rest because of minor scratches and I didn't apply enough dye the first time around. The seats are holding up great!