1st Day - 02/15/02

To contact me: Antoine De Hon


Marvin's First Day out to meet new friends at the D/FW New Beetle Club

Pick-up Day - 02/16/02

Pam and Antoine and Marvin

Antoine at the wheel.

Pop goes the Antoine

Marvin's first night out.

Marvin in his new home

Check out this camera work! I'm sure someone said "getting there is half the fun!" I followed these 3 NB from MacArthur on 183 to the Diner.

D/FW New Beetle Club

Close-ups...hey someone's humping Marvin - so sad, and only 56 miles old to lose his innocence...


Marvin gets his tags and his personal alien to watch over him.

New Plates...okay I lost the luck-of-the-draw with this plate, so no cracks on the random numbers and letters actually spelling anything!

An alien to watch over Marvin - this will have to do until I can find a Marvin antennaball.

At least it matches.


Couple of New Beetle Friends

Neptune and Marvin.

Marvin and Neptune.

Just at random Red NB.


Marvin's first bath

Pam cleaning the inside of Marvin.

Little clean "Garage Hog"

An inside peak.


Marvin's decal

Marvin gets his namesake decal.

Close-up shot.


First fill-up at 450 miles

End of "baby pics" with Marvin's first fill-up, now innocence really is lost!

Marvin is a 2002 Metallic Green New Beetle TDI


Marvin at the site

"Holy Bug" Marvin at St. Gabriel


Work chariot

One of many NB friends we pass on the daily commute, this one's a twin!

What a workhorse - only a week later - and averaging 39.25 MPG!


Clean'd and decal'd

Marvin was clean for one day with his new bra before an overnight rain left him all dirty

Some talk about a demolition party and some decals gone bad has us ready for the dropping of Metro's old facade

Marvin's custom decal


Dirty but still showin' off

Flamed Beetle at The Volkswagen Store

Marvin's Guide to installing an MP3 (or auxiliary input)

Marvin's Project Speedo - Speedometer customization

Marvin's Guide to Vinyl Decal Installation

Marvin's Sub Install Project

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