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Valentina Carrer [v.carrer@lamborghini-fashion.it]

we'll be very pleasure to show you our museum when you'll arrive in Italy.

Call at 0039-051-862628 or mail v.carrer@lamborghini-fashion.it for take an
appointment a week before your arrive.
Usually the museum is open for appointment by 9am since 5 pm, from monday to
The admission is free, for benefic research, ANT.
waiting for your reply
Valentina Carrer
External Relations Manager
> Commenti:
> I will be be in Italy May through June.
> Is there anyway I can see the Lamborghini museum?
> Are there a regular visiting hours?
> How much is admission?
> Thanks
> Antoine
> antoine@dehon.org

Correspondence I had with the family/group before my trip to the area:

We came south on Autostrada A13 from Florence and took an exit to Modena (by chance) that follows the dotted red line on the map. From this map I couldn't find the road name, but that is the path we took. We saw a sign for Sant'Agata and said, "wouldn't it be great if we saw the Lamborghini factory on this road." Just as soon as that was said - BAM! There it was on the left hand side of the road!

We ventured on to Modena to find our Holiday Inn (so much for the Italian experience - actually we had just recently "experienced" enough and we where about ready to not be surprised about accommodations when we arrived.)

We trekked out later to the factory - following the dotted blue line on the map. We took the SS255 back to the Lamborghini Factory in Santa'Agata. They pointed us to Dosso for the family museum. We had a printout from a website that stated Cento as the address so we (knowing better than the factory) went to Cento. From the factory we followed the signs to Cento and Ferrara. We stopped in Cento at a news stand to get a map of the city - the Italian lady was really helpful - though didn't speak a work of english. After consulting with another Italian gentleman the consensus was that the Museum was in fact in Dosso. All we could understand was Dosso and take the road to Ferrara.

We hit Dosso - there is a choice of turns at this point. You can either go to Centro Dosso or stay on the road to Ferrara. We chose to stay on the road and not go to Centro Dosso (center of town). Not 2 km more we saw it on the left hand side of the road with a Lamborghini factory behind it.

So here is the scoop on the Museum. It was free, but there is a Plexiglas cube inside for any donations (we dropped a couple of 10 lire notes in it when we found it and the gentleman employee that was chaperoning us seemed rather pleased at this gesture and offered a Totino Lamborghini magazine to us). They would like a weeks notice - I believe to check with scheduling since this is a conference center and could be hired out. Hours are 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, which happens to correspond to the hours of business operation. When we went, we got there at 4pm and went to the main entry of the factory building, told the receptionist that we wanted to see the Museum and offered the email to show here our correspondance. She Responded, "Museo?" we shook our heads in agreement and she called someone to let us into the museum.

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