This project is part of the University of Texas at Arlington's School of Architecture's first "All Digital Studio".

Located in Fort Worth, Texas the Lancaster Corridor is an area that has recently been the topic a study for urban renewal. This street is undergoing a transformation due to the rerouting of Interstate 30 about 4 blocks south and decommissioning of the old overhead freeway. The buildings directly south of the old freeway have been neglected and disconnected from the city. The proposed plan is to create a more pedestrian friendly street and rehab the existing buildings while adding new buildings to complete the urban fabric.

Our project uses the Lancaster Corridor as a tool to examine a different way of approaching Architectural Design. We have used the notions of Public Space and interjected a "rogue element" to create a series of relationships that become generative and lead to a system that create an interrelated form.

Lancaster Corridor from the Water Gardens
Lancaster Avenue from the T&P Building